No CD trick

20 11 2006

Downloaded an illegal copy of Football Manager 2007 but finding that you need a CD to play the game? Don’t worry, we’ve got a fool proof way to get around this. Read on for more.

If you follow these simple steps, then you should be able to play Football Manager 2007.

Firstly, turn off the computer.
Second, turn it back on again. That was just to waste some time
Thirdly, visit this website: CLICK.
After pressing a few buttons, it will ask you to enter your ‘number’. All this means is your bank card number. This will then allow you the company to send out a version of the game to you. (At this point you will/will certainly get charged something or another…)
Then w ait a few days and – unbelievably – a CD will arrive through the post. It WILL work when you put it in – GUARANTEED! So you’ll be able to play the game!!! Lolz!



5 responses

22 11 2006

Yep, I was feeling silly.

22 11 2006

Well… I lol’d

1 12 2006

It works! Amazing, how’d you ever think of that?

12 03 2007
Clevadan dat idiot

go to a torrent webiste and enter ” fm07 crack” u will find a file download it and paste it into ur sport interactive file and it will say replace fm07 wiv bla bla say yes and den wen u run the game it will run wiv out a cd dnt waste good money coz some no good looser said so if u can bump the system y not take advantage… nwayz hope it all works out ppz bless ur selves

Peace out

1 10 2007

There are actually legitimate reasons for a No CD crack. For example, I have multiple PCs that I like to play the game on and instead of having multiple discs. So in the future, before being a self-righteous prick, stop and think.

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