Scenery Round Up

20 11 2006

Scenery Round Up is our take of the best (And sometimes worst) articles, features and sites on the Football Manager scene during the last seven days. With today being Monday, what better day than to start this feature. It also gives me a good reason to get browsing a scene that I haven’t visited for quite a while.

Pick of the Articles
> Something Happened on the way to Heaven (Mike @ FootyGamer)
> The Forgotten Man (uncle sam @ SUSIE)
> Tactical Theorems and Frameworks (FM Wiki)

Site Shakers
It’s a welcome return for Pretty-Addicted, a site that used to be one of my first visits when I would log onto the old dial up way back when…The site is attractive looking and already holds a few articles and features to keep you going. Also launching is a clever idea that most people have probably had but haven’t been bothered to make: a Football Manager Wiki. Looking very much like Wikipedia. FM Wiki can be edited by anyone, and could, if used properly, be the ultimate guide in FM past, present and future.

FM Wiki Page of the Week

TACTIC THEOREMS AND FRAMEWORKS is an extensive guide on how to best utilise the various tactic options. It’s a big read, but has a lot of helpful information contained within it.

Passing Comment

I have to admit that my visits around the scene have been sparse to say the least recently. It is pleasing to see that Mike is still writing in one form or another after the closure of First Eleven. In my opinion, any newcomer to the scene should admire his articles – Mike has been at the forefront of scene scribbles since before my first visit to CM Star all those many moons ago. So it is always good to find that somewhere on the scene, Mike will be there, churning out some quality articles.

On a rather less positive note, a quick glance around the scene shows how lacking it is of updated content. Sure, a few sites are offering some nice skins and the like, but only a handful are worth visiting to read on a weekly basis (Note: It wasn’t that long ago when the scene had websites that commanded you to return every day in fear of missing a great piece of writing).

However, with the introduction of FM Wiki we are offered a quick-access site that should offer a lot to read on a vast number of FM related subjects. I can’t imaging ‘Wiki replacing the basic fansite in the long term – afterall, every editor has their own unique style and bias. The Wiki, if well controlled, should be unbiased (Although, as expected, will swing towards a positive attitude towards the Football Manager series) but at the end of the day it is the personal websites that offer that little bit extra. Let’s hope we see more of these and more from the ones already doing a good job soon!



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22 11 2006
The Football Manager Community » FM Community Digest 21/11/2006

[…] It’s a great little site, which has started of with a whole host of top draw content including; a basic opinionated round up off the community not all dissimilar to what this very site attempts to do on a daily basis, an excellent article looking at possibility of seeing Football Manager appearing on the Nintendo DS something which I’d never really thought of before, but have since been converted into supporting the idea. […]

22 11 2006

Definately worth noting that the wiki is not competiting with either blog sites or resource sites. For the average FM player who surfs sites there is an exciting time on the horizon in which there will be different sites offering different things.

Personally I think it is a good thing if all the content is spread over other sites but is unique rather than it being in one place 🙂

22 11 2006

“Personally I think it is a good thing if all the content is spread over other sites but is unique rather than it being in one place ”

Certainly, yeah – I agree with this. I just hope that some sites don’t see the Wiki as an easier option than their own and stop running their personal site. I’m sure that won’t happen though. Like I said, every editor wants their own unique style etc.

22 11 2006

I’d just like to say congrats on that Tactics, Theorems & Framework Book/Bible. Outstanding read. Think i might now take a really detailed look at FM Wiki.

23 11 2006
Thursday Morning Round Up « Blog FM

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