The Club Guides: The Premiership

20 11 2006

The finest league in the world? We think so – but then again, we are English. The English F.A Premier League. The Premiership. The Top League. Old Old Division One. Whatever you want to call it, The Premiership offers a wide variety of challenges for the new and old gamer.

The Basic Facts:

Number of Teams: Twenty
Season Dates: 19.8.06- 13.5.07
Number of Matches: 38
Match Rules: 5 subs named, maximum of 3 used
League Sorting Rules: Goal Difference, then Goals Scored
Relegation: Bottom three teams
Champions League: Top Four Teams
Uefa Cup: 5th Place
Intertoto Cup: 6th Place
Transfer Window: 1st July – 31st August and 1st January – 31st January

Who to Manage:

There are a whole host of challenges on offer in The Premiership. Below are the teams and the order in which the media in the gaming world predict the league will look come the end of the season.

The Teams in Predicted Order (Bank Balance of Club in brackets):
1. Chelsea (£145m)
2. Manchester United (34.5)
3. Liverpool (10.5)
4. Arsenal (16.5)
5. Tottenham Hotspur (36)
6. Newcastle United (1)
7. Blackburn Rovers (-1.96)
8. West Ham United (3.1)
9. Bolton Wanderers (450k)
10. Everton (1.6)
11. Wigan Athletic (1)
12. Middlesbrough (2.3)
13. Manchester City (3.1)
14. Fulham (325k)
15. Aston Villa (11.75)
16. Charlton Athletic (875k)
17. Portsmouth (32.5)
18. Sheffield United (1)
19. Watford (-1.2)
20. Reading (1.9)
All figures in brackets are in £millions unless stated otherwise.

Three Recommend Teams:
1. Chelsea:
Ideal for those who just want to have a bit of control and some series cash to flash about.
2. Portsmouth: Expected to be fighting at the foot of the table, but with a hefty £32.5m to spend, and some decent players in the squad to start with, you should be aiming for a top 7 finish
3. Reading: A championship squad fighting in the big league. Not much money to bring in the big names, so can you rely on your tactics and team spirit to stay up for another season?

Recommended Signings:
If you have a bit of cash to spend, then Curtis Davis (CD), Leighton Bairnes (DL/WBL) and Micah Richards (DR/MC) are well worth taking a look at. The three would set you back around £20m altogether, but can do the business for any club – even Chelsea. If you are lacking funds, send a scout around the Championship and lower leagues. Dave Nugent (ST) can cost as little as £2m and would be a good signing for a mid-table club, while a peak at the squads of the Championship sides may reap rewards – West Brom in particular seem to have a number of exciting players within their ranks.

Challenge with a twist:
Take control of Chelsea and try to win the league with:-
1) Only English players OR
2) Only Players under 23 OR
3) Your own signings only

Do you have any players that you recommend signing? Do you find it more fun when using your own challenge? Or do you just have a comment to make about this article? Feel free to do so below!




3 responses

23 11 2006

think i’m going to have a go with Portsmouth… seems like a good team to get used to the game with

23 11 2006

I had a good play around with Pompey on the demo and really enjoyed it – you’ve plenty of money available to bring in a number of quality players. Same kinda situation with West Brom in the Championship. They have some great players to start with, and, in comparison to other sides of that division, a little bit extra to play around with financially. If I remember correctly, I took them to the top of the division for the whole of the demo half-season with little trouble. [End blowing-my-own-trumpet-moment]

18 07 2007

The Problem i had with Pompey was that there is ongoing stadium expansion for over 3 years and each month it eats away about £1 Million. Its not long before there are continual stories about Pompey being in a financial crisis.

Pompey’s other problem is a lack of fame. They have some good players but when the likes of Chelsea come a’knockin they get all moody and want to jump ship ASAP.

I was fired after 3.5 seasons, although still in the Premiership my best finish was 11th after trying all sorts of formations including those recomended on various FM2007 websites.

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