FM:DS – An Update

22 11 2006

You may have read my earlier post pondering a Nintendo DS version of everyone’s favourite football management sim. (No, not LMA Manager, silly.) I’ve since found that this has been discussed on the SIGames forums and the general consensus seems to be that the DS lacks the sort of power/ram/memory that is needed to run a game of Football Manager’s standard. Which is a bit of a shame really. Marc Vaughan of Sports Interactive comments that “There are no plans to port FMH to the DS at present”, although there are a few people who share my idea that it would be quite a hit. The forums also seem to be coming up with some similar ideas to those that I had for the game, although I must admit that I hadn’t seen this post before writing my own.

Anywho, I don’t think we should quite give up just yet on the lack of FM:DS. If anyone can think of any concrete, solid, proved-by-doing-loads-of-tests facts for why this won’t work, I’m not going to disregard my ideas just yet.



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