22 11 2006

Blog FM has now been online for four days – not very long, granted – and so today I bring you a short but sweet article looking at a few points regarding the site.

Firstly, I’ve been impressed at how quickly the site has been noted by others on the scene. Firstly, the FootyGamer website (one of my all time favourites) published a link to us before I had even posted anything on their forums. Apparently I had been spotted on a website called Technorati that basically links various blogs around the world.

The Football Manager Portal were next to give us a mention – and I would certainly recommend taking a look at this site. They have a daily digest of the best features, articles and whatnot to surface on the scene in the past twenty four hours, which is very handy for those with little time on their hands.

Saint and Greavsie also mentioned us yesterday, and added us to their links page. So thanks go to you guys too – some worthwhile posts to be found on that link too.

One of the features I decided to include early on within this website would be the Click section – basically a ‘just for fun’ page where I could be silly, post a few Youtube videos and the like. A tongue-in-cheek article, entitled No CD trick seems to be capturing your attention – be it for reasons of inquisitivness or for more illegal reasons. The page has twice topped our ‘most popular articles of the day’ list. The article nods it cap towards the lesser reputable sites around – complete with spelling mistakes, good old ‘Lolz’ chat and, lets not forget, a way to get around the problem of having no CD to play your game after downloading a version for yourself. If you haven’t yet taken a look, please do so before thinking I’m going all dodgy on you.

Lastly, I’d like to thank those of you who have posted your kind comments about the site and added your viewpoint to the articles. It is always encouraging to see that someone has left a comment, so feel free to continue to do so.

If you’ve noticed Blog FM being mentioned somewhere else on the scene, let me know – I might have missed my fifteen minutes of fame!

For your troubles, have a video:



7 responses

22 11 2006

Just a question, Is this ‘Most Popular Articles’ page available for readers like me to see ?

22 11 2006
The Football Manager Community » FM Community Digest 22/11/2006

[…] Blog FM has reflected back on the last four days that the site has been opening. […]

22 11 2006

Maxi – it wasn’t, but I believe there is a way to get it on the side bar to the left. Give me a minute (if you read this immediately!) and I might be able to magically make the top posts appear…

23 11 2006

Yep – there is now the ‘top posts’ widget active on the navigation column. I believe that is the top five posts over the last 24-48 hours. However, it won’t update in real time, so should give us an overall list of what pages have been popular throughout the day.

23 11 2006

Much appreciated. I love looking at things like this, a habit of mine.

23 11 2006

“Much appreciated. I love looking at things like this, a habit of mine.”

Know where your coming from with that. Well, you might like another little snippet of information I’m going to add to the Daily Round Up from Thursday’s edition: Our top referrer from the previous day. Plus you can now sign up to receive the Daily Round Up straight to your inbox whenever it is published, if you prefer.

23 11 2006

I think I’ll take the oppotuity to chip and say keep up the good work. You’re one of a number of new sites that have hit the scene all around the same time and have made a very good start to life. I’ve been enjoying reading your wares and hope the current work rate is mantained.

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