Wednesday Morning Round Up

22 11 2006

Every morning during the week Blog FM will post a handful of links that we’ve found particularly interesting over the last few hours. If you find an article or site that has raised something in yourself (not in that way, dirty readers), please leave a comment.

Time to wire up the refs?
Article taken from the BBC regarding technology and referees in football

Welcoming the Wind of Change
Football365 on how various rules have changed the course of footballing history

Celtic v Manchester United Goal
Incase you haven’t seen the goal that sent Celtic through to the knock out stages of the Big Cup

And in response: Are United missing RVN?
Guardian blogger on United’s lacking strikeforce

Did ‘Arry Redknapp really bring on a fan as a substitute? The Knowledge’s weekly Knowledge is online already.

A Snowball of Dismay
The Moral to this article from FootyGamer is Morale!

A few things to keep you going I’m sure while at work/college/school/University/prison.



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