Frequently Pondered Questions

23 11 2006

In our attempt to do something worthwhile, we today present a Frequently Pondered Questions section. Techincally nobody has asked any of these questions to me, but I’m sure that someone out there must be wondering how to do these things. I know that most of us probably know these like the back of our hands, but then again, I never realised my right hand was a different colour to my left…Sorry. If you have any questions, feel free to ponder them in the comments section and I’ll try to ponder an answer back.

Q: My game looks all funny and big! Gerfump?
Or: How to play Football Manager in the ‘windowed’ mode
Noticed the option in the preference section to play the game in the windowed mode? Well, it doesn’t work. Least not if you have a screen that is too wide to accommodate this. But there is a way around the problem. Simply find the shortcut to the game (let’s say your playing ’07 here), right click and select properties, then change the ‘target box’ to read the following:

“C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2007\fm.exe” -windowed -small_screen

If you have the game saved elsewhere on your PC, then you are a fool. Just change the target file names (e.g if you saved it to your My Documents section, type in C:\My Documents\Sports…etc

Q: Is it any good?
Or: Where can I go to partake in a demonstration version of said title
Firstly, there are two demo versions available. One, the ‘Vanilla’ version, allows you to download a quick, English-leagues only version of the game with a few less features (photographs and the like). The other is the ‘Strawberry’ which incorporates more quickstart leagues and a those missing features. I recommend downloading either demo from The Dugout, as these seem to download quicker. Both demo’s last for six months. DOWNLOAD THE DEMO

Q: Which tactic is the best?
Or: How can I win every single game without conceding a goal…
There are no ‘killer’ tactics within Football Manager. There are certainly some very good ones out there, but you must bare in mind that each team is unique – and within that, each gamers team is even more unique. A certain formation may do wonders for one person, but apply that formation to your own team and you discover that while your friend had the best defensive midfielder in the world and a free-scoring attacking midfielder, you have just clumsy central midfielders. See, if there was a killer tactic, everyone would have to own exactly the same players, have exactly the same sort of luck and never suffer from any injuries. So go out there and discover your own tactic for your own team!

Q: Where can I find some cheats?
Or: I still want to win every single game without conceding a goal…
Cheats don’t really exist so much in Football Manager. The most obvious ways of playing the game in an improper way are:

  • Edit your team using the data editor – give yourself a hefty transfer kitty or bring the greatest players in the world to your glamourous team (Darlington)
  • Whenever you lose, just reload the game. Ah, should have mentioned – make sure you save the game before you play
  • Take control of the opponent, change the tactics and play some crap players.

The trouble with this methods of playing is that the game just becomes silly. I mean, if you want to cheat, then go ahead and cheat. But no-one will be impressed by your results. Not even yourself. And if you did use the third example (Which some people do) then the whole game will be in turmoil, with more managers losing jobs than ever before

Q: What would happen if my feeder club were to be promoted and join my league?
Or: We used to be big, now even our feeder club is bigger…
Should this happen, the affiliation between the two clubs will be stopped immediately. The same thing will happen should the two sides swap divisions.

Q: How can I play the game without the CD?
Or: I, erm, lost my CD. No, that sounds lame. It got broke. Or something.
If you want to play the game without the CD, simply load it up with the CD in, then take it out after it has loaded and you can continue. If you never received a CD with your game, then you should call the helpline number on 999.



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23 11 2006

*Calls 999*

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