Friday Morning Round Up

24 11 2006

It’s Friday morning, which can only mean one thing: The Friday Morning Round Up is now online.


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From the Interweb:

“Video Evidence will make blind manager see again”’s Marina Hyde on the use of technology within football, and how the likes of Wenger and co would no longer be able to ‘not see’ the most blatant of foul play.

Pearce and Wenger battle over video evidence
In relation to the piece comes this article looking at the difference of opinions from Arsene Wenger and Stuart Pearce on the subject of using video evidence during a match.

Manchester United have lost their Mojo
A United fan on the footballing blog site Caught Offside looks at how the defeats to Celtic and Southen need to be forgotten – and quickly – if the Red Devils are to get their season back on track.

Saha’s penalty miss may cost United £100m
Will Manchester United fail to qualify for the knock out stages of the Big Cup for the second year in a row? Well, if they lose against Benfica next month, they will miss out on £100m according to the Telegraph

Yesterday’s Results: British Four Keep on rolling
From Football365

Finally, the obligatory YouTube video:




One response

24 11 2006

Throw In the No.2 Referrer, suprising considering the BlogFM post only got 20 something views.

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