Monday Morning Round Up

27 11 2006

A brand new week begins, and with it the first Morning Round Up.


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1. FootyGamer
2. FM Portal
3. FMWiki


1. The Premiership – Arsenal
2. Thursday Morning Round-Up
3. Play it like it’s (CM) 1999

From the Interweb:

Who is it that you actually love?
F365 opens itself up to the fans. This article, written by a member of the 365 forums looks at what it is that we exactly support asking is it that simple to identify who or what it is that we’re supporting with our hard earned money?

How hated Blues taught the world to fall for unlovable Reds
From comes this piece that looks at why the average fan is now wanting United to win the title – for a change.

Four reasons why Manchester United are better than Chelsea
Perhaps to prove that fans are supporting United now, rather than Chelsea, comes this article from Soccerlens.

Ronaldinho delight at dream goal
Barcelona star Ronaldinho scored a great goal at the weekend, and Eat Sleep Sport Football brings his views on the goal.

And now see that goal in all its glory
Links to YouTube

Obligatory UsTube Video:



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