Scenery Round Up: 27th November

27 11 2006

The Scenery Round Up is a weekly feature that looks back at the past seven days on the scene. Published every Monday morning, TSRU aims to give a general review of the various sites on the scene, pick out some of worthwhile articles and announce the arrival and, occassionally, closure of a website.

This week saw the arrival of possibly the best Football Manager site ever: Blog FM. Okay, we don’t really think like that. We are modest people – but I can’t start this week’s review without mentioning our own launch. A few sites gave us a mention – FootyGamer, The FM Community and Saint and Greavsie giving us a nice bit of pluggage early on in the week. The response so far seems encouraging, with no-one yet collapsing in grief after visiting us. Or so I’m told.

More new arrivals have just touched down in the form of B-a-l-l-s and Extreme-FM. While both are technically returning after a brief hiatus, only Balls is worth visiting at this moment in time. The design is clean and tidy, and while they may only be two articles to read at present, both are well written and extensive. Extreme-FM on the other hand offers many links – but links to empty pages. However, I am not going to disregard the site so early, and so hopefully the site can be fattened up a little this week with some content. However, the lack of content isn’t reserved just for newcomers.

Unfortunately, a number of scene sites have faltered over the past week, failing to bring any real content forward. Sure enough, if you want skins, backgrounds and down-loadable graphics, you can find websites with ever expanding collections. But from an article point of view, albeit for a handful of sites, the scene has been quite poor of late. Using our own links page as a starting point I found that two sites were not accessible (‘Rival Manager’ cannot be displayed while ‘the account for has been suspended’) while many others have seen no activity within their walls since early November.

Looking at the positives, FootyGamer are still keeping us fresh with content, while Saint and Greavsie and the FM Wiki are still bringing us some pleasant reading.

Pick of the Articles:

Incidentally, I’ll be looking to change the Blog FM links page to make it more personal, including a mini-review with each link. If you’ve noticed a site that we have missed off (perhaps your own) then leave a comment somewhere or another within these pages and I’ll be sure to add it.



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