Changes Afoot

28 11 2006

Blog FM is undergoing a mini make-over at the moment. In an attempt to make the site more ordered and styled a few things are changing. I have decided to take the ‘quality over quantity’ decision, and as such they will be some cut backs from the website. However, the Blog FM v.2 should be a much more enjoyable read.

Jose - He would like itThe revamped website will offer a new, more professional style. Some of my favourite sites on the scene have always been those that offer a jolly good read. I feel that Blog FM has plenty to offer on this front, and as such the website will be looking to move towards a more writing-based site than before.

Despite being successful (in terms of hits, these were quite popular) I have decided to stop doing the daily updates. These were quite time consuming and didn’t offer that much to the website, I feel. If you really did enjoy reading the various articles that were mentioned, I would recommend taking a look back at previous editions and visiting those websites on a daily basis.

Features such as league and club guides will be staying, although hopefully in more detail. Football Management stories will also be appearing, as will the recent Question of the Week feature that was launched last week. This may be extended to a fortnightly event, however, to encourage more responses.

I will shortly be starting a Story game on Football Manager 2007 with Premiership newcomers Reading F.C. The first part to this will be online by the weekend, should all go to plan. On top of this, over the next few days they should be some more articles on both the scene and the game itself, plus an updated and reviewed scene links section.

The new look – incase you hadn’t noticed – has been chosen to give the site a cleaner and fresh look. The old design was very nice, but a little too cluttered in places for my liking. The new look should, if it hasn’t already, grow on your pretty soon. Hopefully. 

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One response

29 11 2006

like the new layout of the site… very smooth! i’ve been reading your blog for the past few weeks after i spotted a link for it on footygamer

i did like the morning roundups, but as you say, quality over quantity

anyway, best of luck with your changes and i will continue reading!


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