Presenting FM Bloggers

30 11 2006

The internet is so simple that anyone can have their own website today. That is the general view of the population (according to my own survey of asking myself, anywho…). But when it comes to setting up a website, updating it and attracting readers, things can get a little bit more difficult. Our latest venture, released today, may just help those budding bloggers out there who feel that they wouldn’t do their own blog justice.

FM Bloggers is a new site that has launched this morning (Thursday 30th November). The basic premise is simple: the site provides a single place for Football Manager gamers to post their opinions on the title, football itself and the FM Scene. It doesn’t cost a penny to become a writer, and unlike running your own scene, there are few expectations required.

If you have always fancied yourself as a bit of a writer but don’t want the burden of running a site, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to get into the scene. All that is required is that you request a username – and post! Post as often as you want and with your own unique style. Posts will not be edited (save for reasons that may lead to the police being called) and by using a ‘labels’ system, readers will be able to skip to their favourite reader at the click of a button.

I urge you to visit the site and sign up. I myself will post some blogs here rather than posting them on Blog FM – so you’ll have to visit just to see them! It will not cost you anything to sign up – not even any time – so visit today to become part of the scene. – FM Bloggers is part of the Blog FM network.



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