Scene Review

4 12 2006

HenryThe third scene review should be online either later tonight or at some point early tomorrow morning. This is your last chance to plug something that you would like to see mentioned in the article – perhaps a new site that has opened, an especially good article or the demise of another site.

 Incidentally, you will have noticed that the design has changed a little. I’m not going to apologise for this – not that I am being moody here. I think everyone will agree that it takes some time to decide what style suits a website. When you design a site by yourself you can design it to your specifications. But Blog FM is kindly hosted by the good people at WordPress, and using their software limits the design of the site to a choice of a few dozen.

For what the site is trying to achieve, I think this current look is useful. You may have also noticed a few areas of the site are being developed and tidied, such as the FM 07 page (with a ‘Latest FM News’ box) and the Features section, enabling easier navigation to various features that are being run on the website.

So please leave a comment with any links you have seen. Until next time, Auf Wied….Goodbye.



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4 12 2006

i’ve been reading this blog recently called the Last Ditch. It’s has a nice overview on tactics, and overall, a good read.

4 12 2006
4 12 2006

Oh and FMWiki have recently launched an IRC Channel for all FM players to take part in (as well as those that run their own scene site)

4 12 2006

Just want to say to you two guys: thanks a lot. This is just the kind of response I wanted. I’m thinking of having this as an on going section, with a new page a week for people to post links that they have found or pages from your own website. Last Ditch does have a mention on the links page, but I’m not sure they have been spoken about in the review, so will give them, an the other two links a mention. Ta muchly!

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