Scenery Round Up: 4th December

4 12 2006

The Scenery Round Up is a weekly feature that looks back at the past seven days on the scene. Published every Monday morning, TSRU aims to give a general review of the various sites on the scene, pick out some of worthwhile articles and announce the arrival and, occasionally, closure of a website.

It feels as though the past seven days have gone by really quickly – so much so that I’ve even forgotten what has happened since the last Scene Round Up. Firstly, I must mention Last Ditch, a site that has been around for a few weeks now and is growing quite encouragingly. The basic premise, from what I can gather, is simple: the editor of the site is playing the odd season with a few different teams to tweak tactics and gameplay in order to recommend certain styles of play, as seen best in an article looking at how to play with only ten men on the field.

On Thursday I was rather intriqued and humoured by an article appearing on B-a-l-l-s claiming to know the identity of a mystery writer currently tapping away on a website not too far away from the one you are reading. It’s well thought out and a good read. It’s just a shame that it isn’t actually true. Ah well. The mystery prevails.

The FM Wiki has launched an IRC chat channel for Football Manager fans and community gods to talk to each other in. Chat rooms have been attempted before, but it has been a while since one of the larger communities tried it. Of course, with Wiki being – dare I say – more professional than “Beckham831’s FM Sight CHT Room!” this might prove quite popular. You do need to register (free) on the site, and when I did take a look the chat server was unable to connect, but it’s early days and I’m looking forward to this getting off the ground. Perhaps they could be weekly meet ups in the near future for gamers and those involved in making the scene’s websites to chat about the game and the community.

Unless I’m mistaken, there hasn’t been any new additions to the scene over the past week. So to finish this week’s Scenery, here’s a quick list of other various articles from around the community that have hit our screens in the last few days:

+ The Perfect Playmaker (Throw-In)
+ How SI Could Support their community (FootyGamer)
+ The Next Generation of Football Manager (B-a-l-l-s)
+ Watching highlights discussed: B-a-l-l-s and Saint and Greavsie

The scene isn’t in too bad a shape at the moment. I’m still (imagine a red faced smiley thingy if you wish) working on the links page – although a few more additions have been made.

Lastly you can now post your own links in the What I’ve Scene section. Every week a new page will be opened so you can post any articles, sites or features from around the community that you think are worth a mention in the round up. If you’re a member of a site, then please feel free to spam away too. Take a look for yourself and leave your links. Until next week, Adios.



3 responses

4 12 2006

There was a small bug with the usernames which made it incompatible with IRCs naming convention. If you try now it will work 🙂

5 12 2006

Tacticus, still not having much look connecting:

Unable to connect : : Connection refused: connect

5 12 2006

Lmao. My Perfect Playmaker articles like 2 months old..

Either way, i appreciate the plug.

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