QOTW: Your Best Ever Signing

7 12 2006

Following on from your great responses for QOTW: Your Greatest Achievement, I now want to know: Who was your best ever signing? You can post your responses on The Dugout’s website, and they will be online next week: http://www.thedugout.tv/community/showthread.php?t=39248




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11 12 2006

Seems TD is having some trouble – when did this happen? I’ve been away for the weekend! Hope it’s not down for long!

12 12 2006

Not registering at the Dugout just to post this (sorry, but I’m not).

Sebastian Delsinger from some Swedish club or other for a princely £1k (that was my whole transfer budget for that season). His goals took my GUSK side from rock bottom in Sweden, through all the divisions and into Europe. He finished top scorer for club and division every season except one (and he spent five months of that season out with a broken leg), and only missed out by three goals that season.

He’s probably not a player many will list but he was far and away my best buy and probably the most consistent player I’ve ever signed.

13 12 2006

JP – You’ve actually looked ito my crystal balls there – with problems at TD recently, I’ve decided to open up the comments page as a means to post responses as well as using forums, so feel free – everyone – to post your greatest signing below!

16 03 2007
Sebastian Delsinger

Hi! Im glad that i could help your team to be succesfull. If you want to know i am playing in the sixht division here in Sweden. But i read that i had missed some games because of my brooken leg. And that happenend in real life too. Quite cool.

15 12 2007

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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