QOTW: Your Greatest Achievements Revealed

7 12 2006

For our first Question of the Week we asked for you to submit your greatest achievements in Football Manager history. The results are now in, so today we present all of your responses, along with some of our favourites. Think these are nothing compared to what you did? Leave a comment and let us know!

Firstly, I’ve got to thank you all for posting. We had quite a good response really, and it was interesting to see what some people call an achievement. We had an array of responses from those of you who dominated the world with your team right down to those who were proud to get through to the latter stages of the F.A Cup. Of course, all of these are achievements in their own way, and it just goes to show how this game can mean different things to different people.

Some of my favourites include:

Crayons Posted: Getting Rushden and Diamonds who where in the confrence to the FA cup 5th round
This proves what I said earlier, that to some – and to ‘Crayons’ – taking a conference side into the 5th round of the F.A Cup is a big achievement. Which it is – getting that far would have taken some sterling performances.

Punchdrunk Posted: Mine would have to being taking East Stirling from bottom of the Scottish Third divison to the First Divison and more (read in full below)
Playing the game as your favourite club is all well and good, but playing for success is something else. ‘Punchdrunk’ played the game in such a way that he revolutionised and achieved a number of promotions with different clubs, each offering a new challenge after proving himself to be a success with his previous club.

Slashman X Posted: Winning Triple (FA Cup, Prem, CL) with Man City after 12 seasons on FM05
Proving that you don’t have to achieve everything in one season to consider yourself a success. I’m sure we’ve imagined (and many, no doubt, achieving) how great it would have felt to build up your team to such an extent that finally you bring home the rewards.

The next Question of the Week asks Who is your best ever signing? Get posting now to see your responses on Blog FM next week.

The List in Full:

LEVO Posted:
My best achievement came in FM06, for 5 years I had built a Liverpool side up and I had won everything on the game, but the champions league was aluding me. But after 5 years I had built a squad I was proud of and who went on to win the CL against Chelsea 4-2 after going into the lead 1-0, I fell behind and then Chelsea got 2 back. The final minutes were approaching before Cisse forced us into Extra Time. Then in ET Chelsea gave away a penalty and we were 3-2 up. Chelsea got desperate in the end and Cech left his goal to be a part of set-pieces, but when the ball was clear there was nothing he could do and Glen Johnson was waiting on the wing to hit it from inside our own half to make it 4-2.
Nicko Posted:
Mine would be taking Accrington Stanley from the conference to the Premiership in consecutive seasons on Football Manager 2006……god I loved that save.
ChrisB Posted:
Won the quadrouple in exactly 10 season with Bristol City……..or getting 2 straight promotions with them on CM 01-02
Joe Posted:
Conquering the world with Newcastle with every game since CM01/02
Punchdrunk Posted:
Mine would have to being taking East Stirling from bottom of the Scottish Third divison to the First Divison, leaving to take over Yeovil and saving them from relegation to the Conference to go onto getting them into the Championship.Then took over a mid-table League One Nottingham Forest getting them promoted second and winning the LDV Vans in my first season and finally getting them up into the Premiership.
Took on the England job (still staying at Forest) after getting promotion with Forest and was runner up in the Conferations cup.Halfway through my first premiership season I left Forest and joined Parma where I won the Italian Cup in my first season and finished second. I won Seria A in the second season and the Italian Super cup (second and third season)Thats where it I left it in my third season as Parma. All that was missing is the European and World Cup but I was in the knock out stages with Parma when I left it.
Definately my best and longest LLM game to date and that was for FM06.
cool bob Posted:

Winning the Uefa Cup with Rangers. May not sound very good but some of the games i had on the way were the most exciting i’ve had on FM.

Bobber Posted:
Started a game with AGF once, where i did well.
I got myself in the Champions League and knocked out Liverpool in the qualifications. I got to the 1/8 finals and was knocked out by Inter, but i’d gotten far, and i was very proud.I later joined Sheff Utd and West Brom, where West Brom proved to be a very unsuccesful term. I almost got fired, and was gonna get relegated from the EPL. So i resigned, and was on the look for a new job.There, Manchester City opened their arms, and i gladly joined them. I signed Fred on free transfer, which i must say is probably the best signing i’ve ever made in CM/FM. He banged in goals, and in the third season he broke the scoring records in my clubs. I was winning everything with Man City, EPL, FA Cup, CL.. Everything
Crayons Posted:
Getting Rushden and Diamonds who where in the confrence to the FA cup 5th round
bcfc Posted:
won the premiership and champions league with birmingham city (FM06
Adam Posted:

Scunthorpe United won the Champions League on CM 03/04… Be it with a little help of some dodgy tactics *cough* Diablo *cough*

If not that then in FM2006 when I won the Prem with Crysal Palace

spireite 1866 Posted:
Fm 06, taking over Torquay in January 1st season, they were sitting 13th, took them to them to the play offs on the alst day which i won. 2nd season, im in league, nick 2nd lace with 2 game to go, with some really good signinigs. Got to the championship after succesive promotions and transfer budget of 80k. Managed to sign some really good players for nothing, came 2nd in that too, 2 succesive promotions.!! Dudley Campbell, scored 18in 24 in L2, 25 in 29 in L1, and 24 in 42 in Championship!
Slashman X Posted:
Winning Triple (FA Cup, Prem, CL) with Man City after 12 seasons on FM05
Tanel Posted:
Winning the Champions League with U Cluj in 2014. Romanian Divizia B2 side. Lost 2 finals before actually winning it. Not only the best achievement, but best game ever. All-Romanian squad, brilliant youths, lots of fun etc… Those who’ve seen the story know about it.
Fandan Posted:
Winning the Champions League with Rangers in the second season and now currently have won six Champions Leagues in a row.
TheSmirkingChimp Posted:
I got vauxhall out of conference north…..in the first season.
Jimmy Floyd Posted:
Probably winning the Romanian championship by 18 points with Steaua Bucharest
Alt3r Eg0 Posted:
My best was on fm06, I took charge of East Fife in the second season, despite winning the spl and uefa cup with Rangers the season before.They lay bottom of the Scottish Third Division when I took over, Within 5 years, they were qualifying for Europe, and after a couple of seasons in the Spl I had a storming season, and won the league, and signed a few quality players in the process (mostly regens) Then won the Cl at the first tilt
GiantSnowman Posted:
As Chelsea, season 1, going unbeaten all season and winning the league and four cups!
Gouldy Posted:
Probably taking Aldershot from League Two to the Premiership in FM06.During that time I won cups, league titles and qualified for Europe. First season in the premiership we lost out on the title to Manchester United by about 5 points, they also beat us in the UEFA Cup Final.I ended up leaving the club after a 14 year spell.
mkballer Posted:
On FM06, getting Gretna promoted to Scottish 1st Division losing just 1 game all season and also winning Challenge Cup. Not a major challenge but still an achievement Im proud of
Haztix Posted:
On FM07, taking Norwich from Championship challengers to UEFA Cup Champions in 3 Seasons, and to the semi-finals of the Champions League the following season. I discovered several young gems along the way, and were it not for a constant crash point in my game, I’d be striding even further into the future..On FM06, again with Norwich, I won the Premiership in my first season up. Chelsea and United were both battling with each other for second place and didn’t play well all season. My Norwich side battled to 1-0s most of the time, but scraped by with 2 points to spare at the end. Arsenal, having sold Henry, were awful.
stevemcbride Posted:
In FM07 winning the league and uefa cup in my 3rd season, beating man united 5-0 in the uefa cup final. Also won the cup in my second season and super cup at the start of the next season. Was offered and took the Inter job then.In FM06 definitely getting Nottingham Forest to the premiership in consecutive seasons. 3rd season (first in prem) finished 6th getting into Uefa cup, then amazingly winning the league the next season. Hang in there forest fans lol.
philliecullen Posted:
Mine dates back to FootieMana05 where I took charge of the fallen Sheffield Wednesday sitting woefully in League One. Back in those days I still had the likes of Bromby, Geary, Quinn (before the fecking traitors jumped ship to the other side of Sheffield) as well as the golden oldie Pressman to put in between me sticks – before the major overhaul occured, heh can remember the first time I went to manage them in 06 and hardly recongized a single face!Anyway, as for the achivement, the first year I got promoted from League One, also winning the Van’s trophy (the one and only time I have been in it, and won it.) before managing to head straight up through the Championship to the Premiership. Some shrewd transfer market deals saw my survive comfortably before I finished second twice in the league in a row, bringing Champions League football to Hillsbrough. In the final year I played of the game I achieved domestic glory with bringing the Premiership title home in a year that saw a domestic treble for the Owls.Haven’t had a game to equal that in achievments yet… shame, because I really enjoyed that journey!
The Bruce Posted:
In FM 2005, I took Hull City from League 1 to the knockout stages of the UEFA Cup in 5 seasons.Never won the Champions League with a team though, won the UEFA Cup a couple times with different teams.Getting Celtic to the Semi Finals of the Champions League in the first season to get beat on away goals by Chelsea was probably up there aswell…
Lewis Betts Posted:
On the last game I took Fiorentina to the league – cup double, then the treble (And the Italian Super Cup which isn’t a proper trophy) the following season. This was done with only the existing squad (Admittedly good) and about £8 million pounds. Then…..the file wouldn’t load anymore. Twat.
morphey Posted:
my best was i took won the scottish prem in my first season with livingston. (fm2005 i think) but i have juts taken in my first seasom celtic to win the league and both cups and get to the final of champions league only to lose to bloody real madrid in injury time. and also take plymouth into the prem first season via playoff. i couldnt keep them up tho.
Smiffy** Posted:
On 06 I took Vauxhall Motors from season one and led them to become european champions.I kicked ass!
Ben Disraeli Posted:
FM06, did the treble with Newcastle in my second season (Premiership, FA Cup and the Champions League). I’ve never did anything better than that, really. Bringing Forest up to the Premiership would be the closest.
Hands Posted:
FM06 won the SPL with Hibs 1st season then the UEFA 2nd. Beat Chelski 3-1 at the Bridge then 1-0 against Real at the Bernabeu…magic!
ianthegypo Posted:
In FM06, I started as Stevenage Boro in the conference. Got promoted as league winners to league 2. Won league 2, then got promoted from league 1 through the playoffs without buying a single player that season.Finished 5th in the championship, lost in playoffs on penalties, then won the league the next season. Record in premiership was 8th, 4th, 4th. This then led to winning the premiership by 1 point on final day of the season, with a team made entirely of regens, except for Cardenas, Gordon, Sanchez, Svensson and Besagno. Had 10+ kids in the England set up, with 4/5 in the main squad, and tonnes in the under 19s.Would have carried on to european success, cups etc, but FM07 came along, and quite stupidly I uninstalled FM06. Wish I could go back to it now…
WickedMAD Posted:
making bolton the richest team in the world, worth 1.1 billion in the space of 4 seasons.
greenarmycrikey Posted:
mine is on the old cm00/01 yes the best ever game made i was playing with my brother and i was leeds and i won the leauge the champions league and the fa cup and my brother who was liverpool was sacked it was the greatest game i ever played because alan smith scored the winner in the champions league in the 120 min and i jumped out my sit and danced around the house 
Alan Hissi Posted:
from league 2 to premiership runnrs up in 5 years with darlington.I then left and took Oldham to the FA cup final 3 years running. Won against Arsenal, lost 2. both to Chelsea (from league 1 to premiership in 3 years) then my game corrupt which sucks because i was really enjoying it.
fm series (06) winning all major competitions as bristol city managerall series (cm2 i believe) reaching the year 2040 something with west ham and obviously winning alot
Maybeilcatchfire Posted:
FA Cup runners up in the first season with Bradford City. It did get us into Europe ;-)League One team in Europe aswell. Lost in the Play Off final so we’re still down there in the second season.



2 responses

7 12 2006
13 12 2006

it would have to be winning the euro champions league ,premiership and toyota cup with man Utd

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