Scenery Round Up: 11th December

11 12 2006

The Scenery Round Up is a weekly feature that looks back at the past seven days on the scene. Published every Monday morning, TSRU aims to give a general review of the various sites on the scene, pick out some of worthwhile articles and announce the arrival and, occasionally, closure of a website.

The Russians have a word which sums up this weeks Scenery Round Up, and I’m sure you’ll agree: хлам*.

Sorry to be blunt, but things seem to be going a little too slowly on some of the Scene sites this week. Now I don’t demand perfection, and people can give any excuse they want, but I just feel that it’s a shame that updates have been rather lacking from certain websites. I’m going to Name and Shame a few websites this week. Not because they are a waste of (internet) space, but because I enjoy visiting them and reading what their writers have to talk about. And when there is nothing new added for more than a whole week, I have nothing to either read nor comment on.

The Blog FM Hall of Shame:

> BALLS (No update since 2nd December!)

> Pretty Addicted (No new original content that we know PA can offer since…I can’t remember)

> All of the other countless sites that have not been updated for donkey’s!

The Blog FM Hall of Lucky You Updated Or Else You’d Have Been in the Hall of Shame:

> FM Gamer (Ed’s Team Talks Guide the saving grace)

> Saint and Greavsie (Hmm, Shame or Lucky? Just one small post, although it does answer, to a degree, the previous SAG post. Not much, but at least they did mention the patch re-release!

The Blog FM Hall of Fame:

> FootyGamer (A number of additions to the site this week. As ever. Praise be to baby Jesus)

> Caley and Cleon (An article plus this new fandangled Community Downloads Project thingy – more on that soon)

> Throw In (Two full articles, plus the obvious news regarding the patch – still better than most!)

> Manager Crisis (A site I seem to have overlooked in recent posts, but home to a few updates worth reading this week)

This weeks review is a little short, but I’m finding that increasingly the number of articles in relation to sites is a rather sliding pole of change: this week it seems that there are fewer sites posting more articles, which is still giving us a bit to read, but it’s still a little disapointing to visit some websites on a daily basis to find not one new piece of content.

As I have previously said, this isn’t some sort of attack against these sites. Those run by the younger generation do have school work, essays, exams and Myspace, while those run by the older generations do have work, kids, television and big manly things like building houses to keep them busy. But is this really an excuse for not posting? Blaming your lack of updates on the fact that you actually have a life just won’t cut it for me, so this week I want to see some typing! Now clear off and get out of my room.

* First person to tell me what this is will win the right to brag for ever. (Bragging rights will cease to be operated from next week)

Erm, one last thing before you leave: The FM Portal is well worth a read to see which articles are worth reading on a daily basis. Now go and update!



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