11 12 2006

I am absolutely enthralled and obsessed with a new past time that is sweeping the office (bedroom) of Blog FM towers. It’s not a new computer game nor is it a television programme that is hooking in millions of square eyed Britains. My obsession is a little closer to home – but I must warn you: If you are of a statistically afraid nature, then please do not read on.

I’ve spoken before about the various statistics of this website, but now that Blog FM has been open for a few weeks I thought I’d take another look back at what people are reading and why they are visiting us. In terms of activity, the site has obviously attracted a lot more hits from search engines and the like, with more articles offering more possible links for people to click on. However, it is the nature of some of these searches that I find so great. Take, for example, a few of the  search terms that were typed into Google et al today alone to bring people to Blog FM:

It all starts off fairly normal: fm 2007 training tips, fm 2007 hints and tips list
Then, for some reason, people decide to start shouting: FM 2007 HINTS AND TIPS, PLAY FOOTBALL MANAGER IN WINDOWED MODE
Oh – someone is actually looking for Blog FM (Well, nearly): FM 2007 Blog
Then it goes to the quite bizarre: rejoice patch
And here be those who like someone else to win the game for them: fm 2007 wonderkid list, KILLER TACTICS FM 2007
Step back in time: CM 99/00 midfielder
And finally, let’s not use the search function in the game: “under the age of 24” “football manager”.

Isn’t it great to see that somone – some lone, singular figure, is still looking around the web to find player advice for Championship Manager 99/00? And do you know anyone who TYPES ALL THE TIME IN CAPITALS?

The search terms have been much more bizarre than this in the past. The most commonly typed in phrases include the words “NO CD” and “Hints and Tips” (Although one person typed in “Turning off hints and tips on football manager”. We’ve had people looking for a NO CD crack from all over the world: “Fussball Manager NO CD” “Worldwide Soccer Manager 2007 NO CD” etc.

A few people have actually typed in the name of this website into a search engine to find us – which is encouraging. However, from a quick glance at these figures it’s clear to see that there are a lot of desperate souls out there, searching in vain for that super tactic to take Arsenal (our most searched team, mainly due to the solitary Arsenal Club Guide) to the promised land that is the Champions League Final. There are many gamers looking for ‘the best’ of a certain position, not quite aware that ‘the best’ can mean different things for different teams. I’m not going to go into this now, but I’m sure most of us are aware that signing the best central midfielder in the world when you play with a diamond midfield formation is going to be a bit of a waste.

Anywho, a bit of a different post today just to share with you the ways in which people visit Blog FM. It’s great, of course, to see so many people finding us, but I can only hope they are returning on a regular basis.

Did you find us from a search engine? If so, let us know what you think and whether or not you’ll be coming back in the future!



4 responses

13 12 2006
13 12 2006

free stuff
big and busty
fifa 2007 no cd crack

there we go that should screw with a few people’s heads

16 12 2006

actually found you guys from footygamer. think it’s a great blog, i’ve been following it regularly and i’m hoping to continue contributing to the player database. keep up the good work!

14 06 2010
Valentine Hardenbrook

This an Fantastic post, I will save this post in my Mixx account. Have a great day.

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