Anthony Vanden Borre

13 12 2006

Club: Anderlecht / Age: 18 / Value: Around £1m / Positions: DRC/WB/MR

AVB is a player who first rose to FM fame back in Football Manager 06. As a young and versatile player, Borre would be a great acquisition for most clubs. At first you might find that he is prone to some mistakes, but given time and enough opportunities to develop his game, he is a worthy addition to the side. Best used as a right back, or even as a wing back on the right, but can also push further forward if needs be. When in defence, AVB likes to attack, and should you allow him to, he could bring you a few goals every season. A value of around £1,000,000 but will set you back upwards of £3.5m. However, you will find that the money you spend on him will be well worth it.



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13 12 2006
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[…] You can see an example profile here. If you wish to help out with the database – even if you are only recommending one player, then please do so by leaving your comments below. Structure them in the following way:- […]

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