Launching the Player Database Blog

13 12 2006

Blog FM is in the process of creating a Player Database Blog which will incorporate all of the popular player lists of the web with the unique blog-theme style of the Blog FM website. The feature is still in development, but we need your help in building up the database.

Blog FM’s Player Database Blog F.A.Q

Why are we launching the database blog?
Many of our visitors come to the website for assistance. One of the areas in the game that people often enquire about is which players to sign. The database blog will aim to narrow down the possible future targets for gamers by nominating a number of quality players all available at the touch of a button.

How will this work?
Our ‘sister’ site, The PDB, will continue the theme of the Blog FM website by using a WordPress blog as the database. Each player listed on the database will have a mini biography, detailing why he is considered a useful signing. Each profile will include a rough value, age, club and all positions of the player in an attempt to make it easier for readers to find the player they are after.

How can we help?
Football Manager is home to thousands of players, and not all of those are even worth considering spending any money on. If you have signed a decent player – not necessarily a big name – then you can recommend them to join the database. I am looking for all kinds of players, from young to old, small timers to big names. If you do wish to recommend a player, we do ask that you include the following details:
Name, Age,Value,Positions and Mini Biography.
The biography does not have to be well written as we will edit it for the website should it need changing or correcting. However, it should include as much information as possible – why the player is good, what sort of clubs he would be good for, etc. A recommended player will include your name (Should you wish) and a link to your Football Manager website (Should you have one) at the end of the players profile.

You can see an example profile here. If you wish to help out with the database – even if you are only recommending one player, then please do so by leaving your comments below. Structure them in the following way:-

Name, Age,Value,Positions and Mini Biography.
Your Name and Your Link

The PDB will launch sometime soon and should hopefully aid those readers who come to us in the search of finding that next big name player.



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