The Scene Awards

18 12 2006

While I was away from the old laptop last week, someone decided it would be a good idea to host some ‘official’ award ceremony (only without the actual ceremony) on the SIGames forums. But don’t vote for us – because you can’t.

We’ve all seen these sort of awards crop up on various websites over the years, but I can’t recall a time before when they have been classed as official (i.e endorsed and promoted on the SIGames forum). According to Caleyjag, a man well known around the scene for his involvement in numerous, and often praise-worthy ventures, the hope is to set up something that is “more credible than those that have come before it”. Which isn’t a bad idea at all.

The only real problem that we have, as one of the websites of the scene, is that we are not affliated with SIGames. For those not in the know, this isn’t some sort of expensive club where you can only join if your Grandfather was a member for over fifty years. It’s simple a referal-type scheme that aims to broaden it’s members reach (as well as bringing in a few hits for SIGames). We are not a member of the affiliate scheme, and while I could sign up, there are two very good reasons why I haven’t. One: the voting closes very soon, and by the time I get accepted, it may be too late; Two: I can’t be bothered.

There’s been quite a bit wrote about these awards already – so much so that adding my own thoughts will, in most parts, simply by repeating the words of others. Mike  and Rob at FootyGamer, plus the FM Portal have flashed a few thoughts in our direction, thoughts I general sympathise with.

Either way, we shouldn’t knock this – it’s obvious that someone, somewhere, will be delighted to be crowned ‘Best Something of 2006’. If you want to vote check out the website.

The Community Awards ‘Press Release’: 

This year sees the very first Official FM Scene Awards.

Why is this official? Well, the awards are held on Sports Interactives FM Scene message board as well as the winners being decided by Official Sports Interactive Affiliates.

We’ve seen awards such as these done in the past. Some have been done very well, some have been **** poor, and most have produced baffling results with people or sites winning things that they shouldn’t even get close to because of vote rigging and whatnot.

That’s why I am trying to bring a more credible set of Scene Awards about.

The first stage of voting will take place this week (Thursday 14th December 2006 –
Thursday 22nd December 2006
) which will involve visitors and members to your site voting in each of the categories I have listed below.

Once voting has closed, the webmasters that are on the Sports Interactive Affiliates
Scheme will then select a winner from the top 3 of each category with the winners being unveiled on the 28th December 2006 on the FM Scene forum on SI’s messageboards.

So then, listed below are the 9 categories. The questions under the award title are a sort of guideline to help people think of a worthy winner, I’m not looking for an answer to each question!

Please stick these on your site, encourage people to vote, and hopefully we’ll manage to get a Scene Awards going each year that is more credible than those that have come before it.

Votes should not be cast in this thread, but should be emailed to me instead (address is in profile)


1. The 2006 Site Design Award
What site has been the most pleasing on the eye?
What site has had the easiest navigation to find what you want?

2. The 2006 Helping Hand Award
Who offered the best guides?
Who offered tips that other sites seem to miss?
Who wrote their guides in a way that’s easy to understand?

3. The 2006 Funnybone Award
Who made you chuckle the most?
Who made playing FM more enjoyable?

4. The 2006 Community Spirit Award
What forum had the best community spirit?
What forum felt the most welcoming when you visited?

5. The 2006 Best Writer Award
Who had written the best articles/stories?
What writer kept you returning to their site on a regular basis to see if they’ve written

anything more?

6. The 2006 Best Download Award
Which member has created the “must have” download for 2006? (Not SI)

7. The 2006 Award for Services to the Community
What single person has stood out for you as contributing the most to the scene this year?

8. The 2006 Lifetime Acheivement Award
What single person, past or present has helped shape the scene?
What single person has ran & produced a fansite that has stood the test of time?
What single person will be remembered on the scene for years to come?

9. The 2006 Best Fansite Award
What site do you believe has consistently produced the goods this year?
What site has kept you coming back for more?
What site did its job better than any other?



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