Pushing the Board: Part One

19 12 2006


Imagine the scene: after being welcomed into your brand new managerial position, with the fans still in awe at the name the club has managed to attract to take them to future glories, you settle down for a talk with your chairman. “Oh, by the way,” he says, “I forgot to mention. While we do want you to win the league this season, I’m afraid we can only offer you *cough* £1m to spend…”. So what do you do? Risk your job by demanding more money, or shut up and try your best with what you’ve got? Of course, it all depends on the club your managing and the type of chairman you have – so Blog FM risked the wrath of the twenty Premiership chairman in an undercover investigation to fight your corner and earn some more transfer funds.

Notes: the following information may not always be replicable. This is a ‘guide’, not a definitive answer, to what happens when you ask your board for more money. If you do want to mess about with this feature, save your game first before hand. The demand for more money was made on my first day of manging the club. My past experience was set to ‘International’, which is likely to produce more favourable responses in my opinion.

Arsenal – Chelsea

Arsenal F.C 

Upon arrival you will find yourself with quite a healthy bank balance of £20,000,000, enough for a few decent players. However, as we all know, the big names often cost more than this – especially with Chelsea hovering around like flies on poo. After speaking to the board, they told me that they feel I already have adequate resources. Unhappy with this decision, I issued an ultimatum – and one hour after arriving at Ashburton Grove, I was being manhandled out of the club by security.
Budget: £20m
First Ask: None
Ultimatum: None
Result: Sacked

Aston Villa

Villa, despite a recent take over, have a paltry £5.5m in the transfer kitty. A demand for more money was made, and surprisngly the chairman had no problem in issuing a little more money for his new manager. With the budget increased to a little over £10m could I push the board again for more money? No.
Budget: £5.5m
First Ask: Granted: now £10m
Second Ask: None
Ultimatum: None
Result: More money, then sacked!

Blackburn Rovers

Rovers are similar to Villa at the start, with £5.5m made available for new signings. The board, upon request, say they cannot afford to allocate any extra funds. One ultimatum later, and Rovers decide that they can scrape together a little extra – but expect success to come along with the influx of cash.
Budget: £5.5m
First Ask: None
Ultimatum: Granted: now £9.85m
Result: More money!

Bolton Wanderers

The Wanderers have a huge budget at the start of the season – £250. Thousand. Yep – just a quarter of a million. A request to the board is turned down, and again after an ultimatum is issued. A second request is made – turned down – along with a second ultimatum – again turned down. After asking four times for more money, I’m no richer, but I still have my job. Bolton, it seems, are a patient and forgiving bunch.
Budget: £250,000
First Ask: None
Ultimatum: None
Second Ask: None
Second Ultimatum: None
Result: No extra money but still in job!

Charlton Athletic

If you thought Bolton were thrifty with their budget, take a look at the Addicks. £15,000 is all you have to spend – not even enough for a top conference side. The first request is turned down, as is the ultimatum. A second request is turned down, but upon the second ultimatum, Charlton see sense and offer to increase the budget to nearly £4m!
Budget: £15,000
First Ask: None
Ultimatum: None
Second Ask: None
Second Ultimatum: £3.96m
Result: More money and still in job

Chelsea F.C

Not enough money with Chelsea? This board are well known for being tight and you’ll be lucky to have any money whatso…oh, sorry, wrong club. Chelsea have a cool £66m in the kitty on arrival, but a request to Mr. Abromovich will see this figure easily rise to over £100m!
Budget: 66m
First Ask: Granted: £106m
Second Ask: None
Ultimatum: None
Result: More money, but being greedy costs your job.



104 responses

19 12 2006

I am glad that you did this experiment. I thought that Ultimatiums were put in places as an alternative to the resign button, I have never had the balls to try it and get it to work.

20 12 2006
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20 12 2006
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31 01 2013

Надо понимать, что депутаты наворовали столь изрядно, что даже события с практически нулевой вероятностью их тревожат? Так, да не так. Любой такой слушок качает биржи, а именно там крутятся все ворованные деньги. Дурашки не понимают, что их накрыло обычной 2-й волной, которая круче первой, но будет и 3-я, которая ещё круче. В Великую депресию было 10 волн и, соответственно 11 подъёмов, но только последний оказался настоящим. Поскольку они такие же экономисты, как наши карлики юристы, т.е. никакие, они полагают, что это народ мутит. Пусть на ближних своих оглянутся. И Нострадамуса почитают, а то и говорить с ними не очем. Не дождутся они конца света, чтобы в его “преддверии” концы спрятать. Вот и пытаются спрятать под всякие купленные сенсации. А мы с Нострадамусом – не даём

18 03 2013

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3 05 2013

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5 06 2013

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18 04 2014
28 12 2014

Alice, as the jury had a tizedik textbe little door about fifteen inches high: she tried the effect of lying down with wonder at the stick, and held out its arms folded, frowning like a telescope. And so it was. But correctness has a cost: randomness. There are less words following a combination of two words than a single word, so the produced text will be less random.

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