Pushing the Board: Part Two

20 12 2006

The other day we brought you the first part of our Pushing the Board guide, looking at how you can get a little bit more money from your chairman, depending on which club you are. Today we continue the guide, taking in six more Premiership clubs.

Everton – Middlesbrough

Everton F.C

With just £1.5m to spend on new players, Everton are hardly rolling in it, and after a first request and ultimatum, I was told to go home and come back in the morning, pretending the event never happened. After walking out of the chairmans office, I walked straight back in again, requested more money and another ultimatum was issued – and this time the transfer kitty was bolstered to a cool £6.15m
Budget: £1.5m
First Ask: None
Ultimatum: None
Second Ask: None
Second Ultimatum: Granted: now £6.15m


Upon arrival you will be given a wallet containing £3.375m – which isn’t too bad, especially in comparison to some of the other teams we’ve encountered already. But that’s not enough for us – as I’m sure you could have guessed. After persistent arguements, we finally got the budget increased to £7.275m
Budget: £3.375m
First Ask: None
Ultimatum: None
Second Ask: None
Second Ultimatum: Granted: now £7.275m


Ah, good old Liverpool, with fans who expect the best, a board who expect success and a budget that smirks at you. £7.98m is available at the start, which really is not enough for a team who should be challenging for the top. After storming into the board room to tell David Moores this, he laughed at me and told me to stop being so silly. “Stick your job!” I shouted. But before I could walk out of the room, Moores opened a small drawer in the desk and took out a brown package. “I’m sure we can come to some sort of arrangement…” he smiled. Result!
Budget: £7.98m
First Ask: None
Ultimatum: £18.98m

Manchester City

Welcome to Manchester – and welcome to £2.825m. Not much, let’s be honest, so let’s pay a visit to the chairman in his new, swanky office. Please sir, can I have some more money? I asked…three times…with three ultimatums…and one sacking.
Budget: £2.825m
First Ask: None
Ultimatum: None
Second Ask: None
Second Ultimatum: None
Third Ask: None
Third Ultimatum: None, sacked

Manchester United

Climbing in my car and driving across to Old Trafford, I was welcomed with an oversized, novelty cheque to the sum of £16.9m. Being the greedy sod that I am, I asked the board how they could expect me to buy anyone with that…to which they agreed and nearly doubled the figure.
Budget: £16.9m
First Ask: Granted: now £30.65m


A healthy £5.25m is offered at the start of the game, just enough to bring in a couple of cheap, but decent players. But I don’t shop at Poundstretch – I’m a Harvey Nics man! The board didn’t understand at first, but after repeating the request, only in a more violent manner, they agreed to give me a little more cash.
Budget: £5.25m
First Ask: None
Ultimatum: Granted: now £9.7m



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22 12 2006
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