20 12 2006

Hello my Football Manager friends out there in the wide world – of which, it seems, Blog FM has many. Tuesday the 19th of December apparently saw us double in popularity, with twice as many visitors clicking around the site than our previous highest figure. Which is nice. The site does seem to be gaining in popularity since we launched a little over a month ago, so thanks to everyone who has visited. This is just a short post to thank you, and to give you a little indication of what should hopefully be online the rest of this week. First up, the next part of A Royal Affair will be hitting your screens soon, as well as a mini-review of each players performances this season as a little extra Christmas present. There is also the second part of the Pushing the Board guide as well as news of our new scene review (notice we didn’t do one this week? Yeah, we’re bad. Sorry…) which will rate each website every week, hopefully adding more of a competitive edge to the review. Hopefully the site shouldn’t suffer too much over Christmas. I can tell you now that there are likely to be fewer updates next week, and I’m not even sure when the site will get back to normal as I don’t know how long I will be away from my laptop for. However, I’m sure the odd update can be squeezed out before we return to normality sometime in January. So enjoy your Christmas, but this isn’t it for the year. Keep dropping in – like many of you are doing – and see what we’re adding when you can tear yourself away from the mince pies and board games. Ho Ho Ho…



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