The 100 Teams to Manage Before You Die

23 12 2006

With thousands of teams available at your disposal on Football Manager 2007, choosing the one to manage is never easy. So we want you to recommend the one hundred best teams to manage – although you don’t have to do it on your own.

We are compiling a list of the ‘100 teams to manage before you die’ which will be made up of your suggestions. Recommending a club can be for any reason – you can nominate a club for being especially challenging and difficult, or choose another for being more fun. If you want to submit a team for the 100, then please feel free to do so below. We just want the team name, division, and why they have your recommendation. You can submit teams from past incarnations of the Football Manager and Championship Manager series, and you don’t have to nominate just the one team.

To kick us off, I’ve submitted my own recommendation, so let’s see if we can add another 99 teams to the list!



9 responses

23 12 2006

My recommendation is for West Brom, English Championship.

The Baggies have a great squad as well as little bit of cash to spend, so taking them back into the Premiership can be very enjoyable. All areas can probably be improved, but if you’re after a more gentle challenge, this is a cracking team.

24 12 2006

I would recommend a second division Bulgarian team like Maritsa or Svetkavitsa.
It is nice to play them because they have little (I mean really, really little) reputation and even less money. The fun part is that the league is not so strong, so one can easily dominate it after 4-5 years. But Europe, that is the real challenge. As no Western European would (almost) ever join your club before winning the UEFA Cup or Champions League, it is quite challenging to search for good players yourself (as almost all the scouts are crap 😉 ).
Budget – around 5K, Expectation – mid-table finish (in B Group). Your goal – take the team to European glory!

24 12 2006

On FM2006 I’d probably go for Gideonsberg in the Swedish bottom division.You start off with one non-grey player,a striker who is thirty eight,and it is a really tough challenge to flesh out the squad and try and make a success.

24 12 2006

No surprise this, but I would definitely go for Juventus in FM 2007. They start the game in Serie B, on a points deficit (17 points without the patch, 9 points with) and a very good squad. Realistically, they should walk through their first campaign, but then thinks get tougher, as you’re managing a side with an enormous reputation, not much cash, a good but ageing squad and some superb rivals to overcome. Should be an absorbing challenge for anyone, especially those who want to be in charge of a big team that has been handicapped.

25 12 2006
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29 12 2006

Forgot to say, HSV. In real life – relegation fighters. Otherwise – very good squad, CL in the first year. A challenge 🙂

8 01 2007

Porthsmouth- ton of money+ decent squad+no chairman expectations+ some nice youth stars
= a very fun game

12 06 2007

CSKA Moscow – try and win the CL

8 08 2007

Colchester Utd,
No-brainer for me as they are my club! But having played with them over and over again it is a great challenge in the first year to stay in the Championship. Once that’s done the game becomes a great ‘squad building on a budget’ lesson with the hefty rewards of the Premiership awaiting just one good season away…

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