Takeover Takeaway: Part One

3 01 2007

Over the Christmas period, someone posted a comment using the super-duper new chat box saying that we should do a feature that looks in more detail at the clubs who suffer and enjoy a board takeover during the course of a Football Manager game. And you know? We bloody well did do that, didn’t we!?

First of all, a few facts to get us started. I cannot guarantee that everything that happens in this game will happen for you. I’m using a saved game file that is available from the FM Portal. I won’t go into this too much (the Portal do a good job explaining it) but basically there are a number of saved games available to download that transport you to a future season. We have downloaded the Season 2019 saved game file and are using that to base this feature on. So now that’s clear, read on – but be warned: if you don’t want to know what may happen to your club, look away now!

All Change

The following clubs were all involved in a takeover at some part of the 13 or so years the game was running for. I’ve added a few ‘facts’ for entertainment purposes – the game states ‘tycoon’ only, whereas I have suggested how they made their money. Of course, the hard core facts are all correct, it’s just my silly imagination that you need to ignore.

Name of club (League in 2019)

Arsenal (Premiership)
Arsenal’s Peter Hill-Wood left the Gunners in December of 2007 to be replaced by a consortium, headed by Ray Horne. In April 2017, Horne left to be replaced by Richard Greenwood, whose consortium currently chairs the club.

Birmingham City (Premiership)
In September 2016, fast food tycoon Hamza Arfaoui bought the club from David Sullivan. In February 2018 he left, handing the reigns to cousin Habib Ghazouani, promoted from within the board.

Blackburn Rovers (Premiership)
John Williams left the club in 2011, but Rovers like to keep things simple. Jay Burgess was promoted from within the board of directors, and currently chairs the club.

Charlton Athletic (Premiership)
March 2011 saw the resignation of Richard Murray, and the directors voted in Peter Varney to continue the running of the club.

Coventry City (Premiership)
In December 2008, Graham Green tried to owst Geoffrey Robinson, but failed. A few months later, Robinson did leave, only to be replaced by a consortium headed by Peter Shepherd.

Everton (Premiership).
The Toffee’s saw some trouble when Terry Keegan – son of Kevin(?) – failed in his proposed bid to buy out the club in 2014. Later in the year, Bill Kenwright left, and the excellently named Stephen Smedley headed the consortium which now runs the club.

Liverpool (Premiership)
The writing was on the wall for David Moores when Dave Gore tried, and failed, to takeover the club in 2016. Fed up with the club, Moores left in June of that year, his replacement, Luke Hallam, promoted from within the club.

Manchester City (Premiership)
Back in March 2016 Kevin MacKenzie and his consortium took control of the club, allowing John Wardle to take control of TesAsdaBuries, the new supermarket fusion.

Newcastle United (Premiership)
Freddy Shepherd was under pressure – so to would you if you ate the amount of pies he did – and in November 2008 he was replaced by Lewis Swan, a member of the board.

Watford (Premiership)
In 2015 Graham Simpson was bought out by tycoon Robert Brain, a man who made a fortune by changing his last name to ‘Brain’ and calling his son ‘Brian’ all for a bet.

West Brom (Premiership)
Jeremy Peace left the club in 2016, with Jonathan Fuller taking over, winning the vote from within. His first task – hiring Colin Lee, the man who would take West Brom down into League One before leaving after just one year.

West Ham (Premiership)
Back in the days when Terrence Brown was still in charge, an Englishman decided to control the club. When Brown handed control over to Billy Mason in May, 2007, he did so with a smile on his face (and a few quid in his pocket. Apparently).

Wigan Athletic (Premiership)
After JJB went bankrupt following Order 38 (Re-introduction of public hanging for chavs), Dave Whelan left the club, to be succeeded by Andy McGlashan in 2009, promoted from within.

Bristol City (Championship)
City waved goodbye to Steve Lansdown in 2018, and saw Eddie Dickens – the great great great grandson of Charles – be voted in to take control.

Burnley (Championship)
Barry Kilby lost his keys to his office in April 2019, and when they turned up a few days later, they were in the pockets of John Garner, head of a local consortium.

Colchester United (Championship)
When Peter Heard heard that a consortium headed by Sam Allen wanted control of the club, he gambled his ownership on a game of rock, paper, scissors. He lost. Bloody scissors – never wins!

Crewe Alexandra (Championship)
In late 2014, Crewe looked to be getting a new chairman in the form of a consortium headed by Adam Moore. But when Moore revealed he had spent the money on bingo machines, Lee Tait was voted in to replace John Bowler.

Derby County (Championship)
Perry Gibson tried to takeover in March 2019 and failed – but reports suggest that Peter Gadsby will be on his way out of the club in the next few months.

Fulham (Championship)
After buying Google and Myspace, Harrods owner Mohammed Al Fayed realised he had no money left, so sold Fulham to Andy Ambler, who ambled in from the current board of directors in 2008. Ten years later, he ambled back out again, with Lee Hoos whose name is funny taking over.

Leeds United (Championship)
Following Ken Bates shock election victory, the American President sold United to Justin Ridley, promoted from within in 2008. Following relegation from the Premiership and with finances looking dodgy – surprise surprise – a fans trust was formed and John Wordsworth, the brother of William, who actually died a few centuries before, was brought back to life to run the club.

Leicester City (Championship)
In 2018 Andrew Taylor left the club, succeeded by Tim Davies, promoted from within. Rather boring, really. 

Luton Town (Championship)
In September 2007, Marc Watson and his consortium took over from Bill Tomlins. In 2018 Watson grew bored of his club and sold it to Eddie Bradley and his consortium.

Middlesbrough (Championship)
Steve Gibson’s garage sale in 2012 included the Teeside club, and Keith Lamb persuaded the former chairman to allow him control of the club. He agreed – as long as he bought the water filter as well.

Norwich City (Championship)
In 2014 Roger Munby said ‘Goodbarr’ to Norwich, with a consortium headed by Simon Welch taking over. Welch lasted for just three years, with a new consortium headed by Danny Bowker taking control.

Reading (Championship)
John Madejski left the club in 2008, to be replaced by Stephen Lee, promoted from within. The Lee Stadium was then seeing another change in 2016, with Rory Day taking over. Reading now play in the Day Stadium and have even allocated March 3rd as ‘Gay Day Stadium Day’ – which I will leave to your imagination.

Sheffield United (Championship)
Terry Robinson left the club in 2011, replaced by Tim Gosling, promoting from within. So there.

Sheffield Wednesday (Championship)
After two failed takeover attempts, Dave Allen left the club in 2012, with Andrew Walker, Roy Walker’s 158 year old Grandfather being promoted from within.

Southend United (Championship)
The most dullest club in the world – no league change or change of managers at all – have recently come under the spotlight. Jay Pemberton and his fans trust failed in March of 2019 to take control, but it tooks as though someone else may soon be in charge at Roots Hall.

As you can see, a number of clubs have seen new chairman come and go over the years. From the looks of things, once someone expresses an interest – and even if they fail in their attempt to take over a club – the old chairman will be out of the door very soon. With a lot of clubs to look at, I’m splitting this up into a few chunks, so part two – looking at League One and League Two – will be online soon.



5 responses

4 01 2007

Just a quick question – so neither Chelsea nor Manchester United were taken over?
Great article btw 🙂

4 01 2007

Yeah Mardein that’s right – well, certainly in this game anyway – Chelsea stilll had Roman, and United still with Gill.

4 01 2007

lmao i’ll tell you why Robert Brian took over Watford 😀 When I started that game I had an EDT file in place where you can let yourself become a potential consortium to take over your favourite club…. that’s actually me 😀

4 01 2007

oh shit I spelt my name wrong in that comment 😐

5 01 2007

Good one Rob…although I should have picked up on that. Should I? I dunno. Anywho…

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