We’re going Pitchside

13 01 2007

Awaiting the arrival of a new scene website can often prove to be rather fruitless. Sitting in your bedroom/office/living room/cell for hours at a time, staring blankly at the same old news and articles that haven’t been update for weeks, waiting in anticipation for something new to come along and shock your eyes into working again: we’ve all done it. And as I browsed the scene today, following my little post-Christmas lull, I was somewhat pleased to see the arrival of Pitchside, an article based addition to the community that warrants a mention today.

There are three main reasons why the site has caught my eye.

1) The use of WordPress, the much praised tool I have often forced down your throats since we opened,

2) The inclusion of Blog FM in the links box (always a winning idea…)

3) Some decent, lengthy and well written articles (i.e they make sense, are longer than two words, and r nt teh txt spech, innit!? loolz)

The site is your everyday WordPress blog – plain but effective design, easy navigation, quick loading times. It’s always good to see a WordPress site come along, and I can’t praise it enough. Okay then, I’ll praise it once more: if you want a website just like Blog FM or Pitchside, then bloody go on bloody WordPress! It’s free, advert-free (Albeit for a tiny, tiny link at the bottom of the page for WordPress, which is fair enough), it’s reliable, there’s a host of themes, etc, etc!

The actual content looks sound enough so far. After opening on the 5th of January, there’s been a healthy number of additions since then, and I particuarly liked the article that examined why and how people cheat in Football Manager.

Another articles that has taken my fancy is the ‘Discipline‘ guide. It’s to the point, simple and easy to understand – an excellent little guide to someone who is perhaps a little unsure of how to discipline their petulant stars.

I do have one slight gripe, and this is the fault of WordPress, rather than the writer. On one article (Season 1 – 2007) the inclusion of some images has caused the text box to become too large, and as such the writing doesn’t quitefit in – perhaps one and a half letters are missing on every line. This isn’t the end of the world, of course, and it has only effected the one page, but it did rather put me off reading the entry because to fully appreciate it, one would have to slide their scroller every few seconds. Ah well: if that’s the only fault I can find, then that’s hardly troublesome, is it?

Please pay them a visit. We’re trying to do our bit for the community more often now by mentioning new websites, and for our first link, Pitchside is certainly a good start. Take a gander today and enjoy yourself for a few minutes, before sitting back and waiting for the next site to arrive.




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14 01 2007

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