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16 01 2007

You know me and my crazy ideas. I’ve tried (And, often, failed) to launch a few features on this website, and today see’s the arrival of another of my brainwaves: a forum based on the WordPress software!

Many of you who visit on a regular basis will know of my liking for WordPress, the tool we use to power the site. I was sat down thinking (always a dangerous activity) the other day, and I thought that it would be great if you could add a WordPress forum to each site. This got me thinking, and so after a few hours work I’ve come up with a prototype, do-it-yourself forum which is powered by WordPress.

The basics are simple: the forums will act like any other forum out there on the web. Users must be registered to post, and can reply to any posts they feel like. Simple as that.

The way the forums would work is, in many respects, similar to the way php powered board would work. But rather than sign up for Blog FM, users would sign up to WordPress.

By registering with WordPress, users are also registered to thousands of other websites. Should another Football Manager blog wish to launch their own WordPress-powered forums, users would not have to register again – they can use their WordPress account for many websites.

Upon signing up, the users would then have to wait (at the most for 24 hours) to be ‘added’ to the system. That is basically the time for me to add somebody as a ‘writer’ for the website. This level allows people to post their own additions but stops them from changing or deleting others, and from changing any of the website settings.

Once registered, users can post, and using the tag system can put each discussion into its rightful home – a scene forum, a player forum, etc.

Replying to each post would then take the place of a normal reply in a messageboard or forum.

The basics, as you can see, are pretty similar to a ‘normal’ forum. And, in my opinion, a WordPress powered forum would be exciting and different.

I have set up an example forum at http://tfmc.wordpress.com/ which gives a general impression of what the forums could be like. I want to know your opinions on this – I know that there are many other forums out there already, but perhaps one like this, which is a bit different, may catch on? People who are already registered for WordPress won’t have to register again, and those who do register an account may be spurred on to create their own FM Blogs!

So please – I beg you – tell me what you think. Be harsh. Be positive. But look at it with a positive mind – this could be something that would freshen up Football Manager discussion!



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16 01 2007
The Football Manager Community » FM Community Digest 16/01/2007

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18 01 2007

Interesting idea and I’d love to have a place for the blogging community to meet. Although I tend to think using WordPress as a forum tool could get a bit over-complicated maybe?

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