Predictions for 2007

17 01 2007

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what the hell will happen in the next year? It’s just a stupid mirror, so it won’t actually reply, but perhaps my crystal ball will.

1. SIGames will announce and launch a brand new game
With Football, Baseball and Ice Hockey covered, where next for SI? Could we be seeing a cricket game this year? Perhaps a table tennis management sim? Who knows!
Chances: Very high – SIGames admitted that ‘The announcement about a new game will come soon – [we are] just waiting for a couple of contracts around it to be signed.’

2. Football Manager 2008 will go on sale in the Autum
Okay, so this is all but guaranteed, but what will the game be like? Bigger and better than ever before, no doubt, although we’re going to say – almost for certain – that they will be no 3d match engine and – probably – no ‘major’ additions to the game. They will, however, be a number of smaller additions that develop on the new features that are in 07.
Chances: Very high

3. The Scene will see a temporary shift
Article based websites have always been cultishly popular – never the big attractors, but with a keen fanbase. With the advent of WordPress et al, bloggers are beginning to talk about the game a lot more. However, I believe that the popularity in these blogs – including ourselves – will wane after a while when a number close down, and visitor numbers to the scene as a whole will begin to fall. People looking for the best players to sign no longer need to search the web for hours – you can just download the Genie Scout, which will also become more popular this year.
Chances: Who knows!

4. Sortitousi will close down
I’ve nothing to suggest this will be the case, but I feel one of the biggies will leave us this year. SUSIE, will it be you?
Chances: Possible

5. Footygamer will add two new writers who will prove to be very popular
The writing talent on Footygamer is crap at the moment, lets be honest. Ahhh, only joking: as many of you will know, this is my favourite scene site, but I can imagine a couple more writers joining and the site growing in popularity.
Chances: Perhaps

6. Blog FM will have a new design
WordPress is great in that it allows redesigns to occur with the minimal amount of work. Notice how many times we’ve changed designs since we opened? Well…
Chances: Almost definite! I like the green at the moment, but should a nicer and more useful design come along, we will probably change!

7. Football Manager DS will be announced
I’ve already covered why and how a Nintendo DS version of the game could be ported, and while I see it to be unlikely, it would be a great development!
Chances: Unlikely, but fingers crossed.



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17 01 2007
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