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24 01 2007

I recently read an article that brought up an interesting point: we (as in the community) really don’t comment enough. Sure, we like to stick our noses into an arguement (as seen with the current Throw In debate) but we rarely even give praise to a well written and thoughtful piece of work that has obviously taken time to write. And I too am guilty of this sin. But not for much longer – and perhaps, with the help of some powerful mind persuasion from Derren Brown and Paul McKenna, so to will everyone else.

Those of us who enjoy the finer aspects of the scene (the lengthy articles and personal opinions as opposed to the ‘this graphic rulz’ posts) can spend an great deal of the evening reading the latest additions to the scene. Some of the articles, and I’m looking predominantly at Footygamer here, often span 1500+ words – a length not far from a typical essay. Generally well written and entertaining, we like to read as much as others like to write. Yet despite being allowed into the minds of some very talented beings without paying a single penny, we toss aside their contribution like a half eaten apple, shouting ‘Next!’ towards the bookmark list.

So from today I am going to personally ensure that I give thanks and praise to the glorious. Everytime I read an article I’m going to thank the author for taking the time to write it. I might even add a thought of my own. And I urge you too to do the same. It takes seconds – especially as most websites tend to have a comment system built into each article that requires no pre-registering – and as someone who awaits comments themselves, it’s bloody encouraging to get them.

So why not start right away – pledge to me that you will do this: Let’s make a comment and spread the love.



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24 01 2007

Good idea. I have to admit it sometimes annoys me to think that the likes of the guys at Footygamer write the quality articles they do and yet they only get a few views never mind comments. Then something like the Site X article comes along and gets nearly 50 comments and who knows how many hits.

More comments from me in future – if only to say I appreciated the article.

24 01 2007
Spread the Love « The Football Manager Wordpress Community

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25 01 2007

well written 😉

i’d say i’m guilty of what you’ve said. i try to comment from time to time- but regardless of whether or not i comment, i’m still reading the site!

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