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24 01 2007

WordPress – the popular blogging tool that I’ve come to love since we opened back in November – is now becoming the popular choice for those budding Football Manager writers out there in the big old world of the web. So much so that I’ve decided, with the help of some of these websites, to set up ‘The Football Manager WordPress Community’.

The idea is simple: anyone who has a blog dedicated to Football Manager or the scene and using the WordPress software and hosting can sign up to add their posts to a collective website. In much the same vain as the FM Portal’s daily updates, this website will allow writers to notify other websites and general readers as to when they publish a new article. As such, the the FMWC should allow greater access for readers, allowing them to visit blogs they had previously missed or ignored due to one reason or another.

I have already fired off a couple of e-mails to bloggers to encourage them to use this, but if you have your own blog and would like to add your content, please feel free to contact me below using the comments box. A few general f.a.q’s are covered below:

Will this take away visitors from my site?

Not necessarily – it should add more. If, for example, 100 people a day visit Blog FM but only 50 visit ‘A.N.otherblog’, should those 100 Blog FM readers visit the FMWC, then you have a chance of increasing your visitor counts to a new audience. Adding your articles to the website need not be done in such a way that readers will not have to visit your own – if you want to post the full article, go ahead. If you want to post a snippet of it and a link to your own website, fine. So long as you are writing about a post on your own website, you can spam away as much as you want.

Do I have to have a blog hosted on WordPress?

At the moment I’m afraid so. WordPress has a system in which once a user has registered their own site, they can become writers for any other WP hosted website as long as they are added to that websites list of contributors. As such, if you choose to add your content to the FMWC, you will not have to re-register or log out and log in with a different username when you come to add your articles.

How do I become a contributor?

Simple send an e-mail to blogfm at googlemail dot com with the e-mail address you used to register your WordPress account with or, if you are brave, post it below. Usually within 24 hours (longer over the weekends I’m afraid) you will be added and as such you will be able to post.

How do I post to the FMWC?

(Technical bit ahead which only WP users will understand:) Once you’ve registered your own blog, as I’m sure you’re aware, you can see a big blue bar across the top of the screen. When you have been added to the FMWC, by clicking on ‘New Post’ you will have the option to post on the FMWC. From here you should add your article to the category it responds to – i.e ‘Blog FM’ posts under the ‘Blog FM’ category. If you’re website name is not on there, please let me know and I will add it.

How can I read all the posts by [x] website?

On the FMWC you will find links (bottom of the page) for each website. Click on these to bring up all articles by that site. Or you could use the excellent search facility built into the site.

The Football Manager WordPress Community is live now, and you can sign up to contribute today.



13 responses

25 01 2007

i think i’ll give this a whirl (when i do have time to post articles which is rare):

here’s my email:

25 01 2007

Thanks rangers, you’ve been added now so you can post away! Doesn’t matter when you post, of course (that rhymes) but I’ll look forward to reading your additions. Contact me if you have any difficulty in adding your posts. Please ensure you add them to the ‘rangersforever’ category though! Ta

25 01 2007
Everyones A Blogger « Team Talk

[…] HERE. And also read how you can be part of it, here, no, this linky. […]

26 01 2007

Go on then, as you asked so nicely I will join in.

26 01 2007

I’ll join you mate.

Add me on MSN;

29 01 2007
The Trouble with FM Blogs « Blog FM

[…] But that’s where the FMWC comes in, and that’s already been discussed in this article. […]

29 01 2007

Hmm, well I would join this, but some of my articles will not be based around FM/the FM scene, so I’ll leave it for just now.

Very good idea though.

29 01 2007

Joe – if you want to join and post only the FM/Scene articles, you can do that too. The way the community works isn’t very hi-tech – basically you add the articles yourself. No RSS feeds or owt fancy, so you can add whatever you fancy. Feel free to join if you want, I took a look at your site earlier but not had a chance yet to read the FM article, but I should be able to spend a bit of time on the scene tonight. If you do want in, let me know (e-mail’s best: blogfm at googlemail dot com) and you should be up by midnight.

3 02 2007

I’d like to join if I can, my e-mail’s on my blog. If you need it

14 02 2007

Id be interested in being a part.

30 03 2007

Hey, I am currently contemplating on creating a site which follows the day to day news of a team in FM. I am working with the person that created being the boss. We are hoping to create two teams using people that sign up to have there name and face put into the game. It will be updated regular with all the news, game action.We will get people to write news articles and I am hoping that a newspaper journalist will write a piece every week.We hope to create a dynamic website to give the user choice and a very interesting site. We were thinking of charging an entry fee so we could give out prize for player of seasons. This all depends on how many people are interested. We need to fill at least two teams. So if you have any ideas please contact me and If you are interested in joining up please contact me and tell me how much you would be willing to pay to join such a site. We will be offereing extra goodies as well for this one off fee.

30 03 2007

my email is

20 05 2013
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