Half a Chelsea

25 01 2007

In an unprecedented move, the Football Association and Fifa have issued a global ban to the whole of the Chelsea team following financial irregularities. A press release this morning confirmed that Chelsea will not be allowed to field any of their current players in any competition until the 1st of January 2007. The ban, however, does not stop them from buying any new players.

Of course, that’s just my overactive imagination playing havoc their. But what if this was to happen? Imagine – and you will have to use your brain here as I have no idea quite why this would be – that Chelsea were found to have broken many laws, and the result was a global ban of all the players until the end of the year.

Infact you don’t have to imagine it: here’s what would happen, according to Football Manager 2007:

With not one player available for Chelsea (not even those on loan!) until the first of January 2007, two things could happen to the Blues:

1) They could buy a few key players for knock down prices and still do well, then when the rest of the team comes back go on to win the league

2) They could struggle to find a new set of players, make so with just new youngsters and crash and burn!

September 2006:

The transfer window has closed, and Chelsea have decided that they can do pretty well with a bunch of un-contracted youngsters and just three signings: a right back, a centre back, and, of course, Luca Toni. The first two games produce wins for the Blues, but the first real test – a clash with Liverpool – ends in defeat. How will the team cope now the window has closed and no more professionals can be signed?

January 2006:

It’s official: Chelsea can now start playing any member of the squad that they want! The team has done surprisingly well during the last few months, currently sitting in a respectable 5th place. They have won 11, drawn 2 and lost 7 games, with Luca Toni firing in 17 goals in all competitions.

In the Champions League, Chelsea finished third in the group, with Barcelona and Sporting CP miles out in front. A 2-1 defeat to Portsmouth in the Quarter Final of the League Cup now means that Chelsea’s only hopes of further silverware (They beat Liverpool in the Charity Shield) this season are in the F.A Cup and to come back from a 12 point deficit to take the Premiership title.

Chelsea’s first game with the improved squad see’s them lose 2-1 to Charlton, with the players obviously suffering the effects of missing half a season. Even though the players are now back, they will need a while to get fit again, and so success this season is looking very doubtful. However, it doesn’t look as though they will be relegated – which is what I thought, by some slim chance, may actually happen.

March 2007

Things haven’t quite gone to plan for the restrengthened squad. For a start, Chelsea are now 6th in the league, and a whopping 17 points behind leaders Arsenal. Knocked out in the 4th Round of the F.A Cup by Birmingham, Chelsea’s season isn’t looking great. However, hope comes in the form of the Uefa Cup, where the Blues have reached the 2nd Knockout Round.

 April 2007

Bring back the unproffesionals! Chelsea, with just seven games to go, are 8th in the league, but now only 16 points behind. Easily catch up, surely?! A quarter final tie in the Uefa Cup looms ahead, but can the team come away with any honours?

May 2007

Three games to go. Chelsea are in 7th place with 16 points seperating them and leaders Arsenal – the title race is now well and truely over. This best they can hope for now is 3rd place – and even that is optimistic. The Uefa Cup has provided the only real salvation this season, and Chelsea could salvage something from this campaign if they beat Galatasaray in the Final.

June 2007

As the final ball is kicked in the Premiership, Chelsea look on in disapointment. An 8th place finish – their worst since 1996 – was bad enough, but finishing 21 points behind Arsenal was even worse. In order; Arsenal, Liverpool, Man Utd, Tottenham, Newcastle, Portsmouth, West Ham, Chelsea.

It’s all riding now on that Uefa Cup Final. Winning nothing but the Charity Shield – even after having the squad banned for half a season – is surely not going to be enough to keep Mourinho in his job?

The Blues did eventually win the Uefa Cup, with a two nil victory the only real highlight of the season.

So it seems that there is a way to stop Chelsea: ban them. The fact that the squad had not played at all for six months played a big part in the teams downfall when they returned in January. It was already too late to salvage the season, and coming away with the Uefa Cup is scant consolation.

And yes, before you point this out: I do have way too much time on my hand. Perhaps Blog FM could have a new slogan: Blog FM – Doing the daft things so you don’t have to!



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25 01 2007
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2 02 2007

haha that was brilliant. Loved every month of it, well played! I hate Chelsea with all my heart and this may be the only way I see them crash and burn in such a comical manor. Pure Genius. Take A Bow Son!

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