Who are the most enjoyable team?

25 01 2007

You’ve just lost your fifth game in a row. Your star striker, a 31 year old with a gammy leg, has been forced to work overtime this Saturday for Asda, and the fans – all two of them – have put together a petition to get you sacked. Sometimes managing isn’t always fun – but some are a lot more enjoyable to coach than others.

I am the sort of manager who enjoys a promotion chase as opposed to a relegation fight. Granted, my Royal Affair story was never going to be about my Champions League winning side (although, saying that, we are second in the league at the moment) but in general I enjoy trying to take a side up the leagues, or challenging Chelsea for the Premiership crown.

In the big league – the Premiership – the most enjoyable team undoubtedly is Arsenal. Chelsea may have the big bank balance, but Arsenal’s talent is somewhat greater to manage. Whenever I want a quick and fun game, Arsenal are the team. The squad is not made up of huge names throughout – one could say that Thierry Henry is the only player whose name ranks above many of the Chelsea squad. Chelsea have some great players, but with somewhat inflated ego’s. Arsenal, on the other hand, have a young and richly talented team.

Winning the Premiership is a challenge – moreso than attempting to do so with Chelsea – but with £20m in the bank and a fantastic team, trying to bring home the silverware in every competition while building up one of the best young sides in the world is fun. People say that Chelsea have bought the title with quick-fix solutions, and you can easily see why and how this claim gets barted about so often. The revolving door is constantly set to ‘swing’ at Stamford Bridge, whereas the likes of Emmanuel Eboue – signed for £1.5m in 2004 – are now showing that they can compete with the best. This isn’t an article examining Chelsea and Arsenal, but I can’t end without this final point: Arsene Wenger certainly knows talent when he sees it. Buy ’em young against Buy ’em big: and while the latter may bring immediate success, I really do think that Arsenal could soon be challenging Chelsea again in the real life Premiership with a squad made up for half the price of the Blues.

Everyone has their own favourite team to manage, not always, I must add, the persons supported team. Some of the other sides I always enjoy managing are Liverpool, West Brom and a rotating-selection of lower end Premiership teams: Reading, West Ham, etc.

But who do you enjoy managing? What makes them so ‘fun’ to play with? Please let me know!



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25 01 2007

Not a team, but I’ve always found the Swedish leagues to be a fun place to play. Not awash with cash like the Premiership, but still fun – especially if you run the rest of Scandanavia alongside it. Aside from that Arsenal have that cavalier, attacking squad at the start of the game – always good for a bit of fun.

25 01 2007

My favourite would probably be my supported team, Liverpool. They have talent in the squad already to produce a health challenge for the Premiership and with a started budget of £12million I can’t really bring in some of the big names, instead I build for the future and enjoy bringing them through. I always scout the Under 21’s and 19’s competitions for fresh talent and have found some gems in my time. In my current game though, I left for the life in the sun with Barca and since have seen the Liverpool team, I fought so hard to build be dismantled and failing miserably first of all by Martin Jol, and then from some other manager I cannot remember for the life of me. I am just waiting for my chance to apply again to Liverpool and make them the Premiership winning side they were under my wing.

25 01 2007
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25 07 2007

I always think Newcastle United. Yes, i am a supporter of the club and will be for the rest of my life but it is such a struggle. I hate starting with any of the top teams coz it is too easy to win the league. At Newcastle you have 2/3 quality players for defence, midfield and attack and it is up to you to strengthen the squad with a £1.5mill transfer budget. It is very tricky and a european spot in the first season has the fans and board loving the work you have done. I get a great sense of achievement when i win something as it hasnt been done in real life for numerous years now! Come on the TOON!!

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