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8 02 2007

Hello loyal browsers. Some time soon we are going to be moving and relaunching the site with what you technies might call ‘Blog FM 2.0’. The fantastic people at the FootyGamer Network have somehow decided that they would like us to join them, and so once the new site is all set up and running, we’ll be upping sticks and moving to the FGN. The new site will carry a brand new look and some new features, with the style of the website changing a little to a more helpful and productive website, as well as various scene and game articles. Lastly, we’ve been mentioned on the official SIGames Community Review thingy for the month of January, which is nice. The review seems more indepth this month than previously, although that may have something to do with the mysterious ‘XXX’ author from the FM Portal…(and no, that’s not me!) http://www.footballmanager.net/en/article/21/1433.html. If you have any ideas or thoughts about Blog FM 2.0, post them in the forums!



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8 02 2007
The Rookies Guide to Clinching a Deal « Blog FM

[…] various features and areas. While hardly revolutionary, the articles are part of the revamped Blog FM (2.0) and are aimed at the many visitors who find our website through search engines while looking for […]

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