QOTW: What Annoys You? UPDATED

9 02 2007

We’re resurecting an old feature today with the return of ‘Question of the Week’. This week we want to know: what is it than annoys you in Football Manager?

We all love Football Manager (some in an unnatural way…) but what do you dislike about the game? What gets you so pissed off that you want to scream? Be them football related events or specific FM problems, post away!

Mine? Here goes:

There’s just two minutes to go, and you’re drawing 1-1. Your shot goes wide, and it’s a goal kick. The ball gets kicked a little too far ahead of the opposition goalkeeper, yet he stands there for a good half a minute, while your striker – half way up the pitch – has to walk up and kick it back to the opponent, even though the ball was half a yard infront of the goalkeeper. Now you have just 1 second to go. Great. I know it’s ‘time-wasting’ but surely such an event couldn’t take place in real life?

Injuries…especially after I’ve just made my third and final substitution and am now forced to play the rest of the game with 10 men.

Lack of funds: So you want me to challenge for the title? With £5m to spend on new players? Oh, and we’re over budget on wages? Erm, any chance of some extra cash?
Next day: P(iss off) 45!

Star-player-syndrome: This tends to happen to me a lot, I don’t know about you. It’s happened with Reading (Marcus Hahnemann – see my Reading story on Blog FM for more) and has occured when managing Liverpool (Gerrard and Garcia. At the same time) and Arsenal (Fabregas). It’s the ‘star player syndrome’, defined as thus: Should you have a world class player amongst your team, or a player you depend upon to perform well every game, he will pick up a serious injury that will keep him out of the team for 3 months, at least. Oh, and he’ll miss the games against United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool, but don’t worry: he’ll be back for that all important cup game against Barrow!

Have your say

There are two ways you can have your say. Now you can post your responses on a number of forums, making it even easier for you to have your say.

The quickest is to post your response below in the comments field. Alternatively, and recommend if you want a good debate about the things that irk you, you should register and log on to the Footygamer forums, and post away your response: http://footygamer.co.uk/community/index.php/topic,937.0.html

Or, you can post in the following forums if you’re already registered:-

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